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Senior guy on phoneThere are all kinds of job and business opportunities for seniors – let’s find out what they are!

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Perhaps you have been on this journey for a while. As a result, you are feeling a bit frustrated. Consequently, you are throwing up your hands and tearing your hair out wondering, “What do I do?”

I know from personal experience that finding meaningful income later in life can be a challenge. Because our world is so geared toward the youth market, it  seems to forget we older folks even exist!  Therefore, popular culture pretty much excludes anyone over 50. It consequently makes the value of older people less than it should be.

As an older person have you ever walked into a job interview and found that the person on the other side of the desk was your son or daughter’s age or younger? I know I have. They look at you and automatically attach all kinds of negative preconceived ideas about your abilities. While they are not being malicious, they are absorbed into the youth culture and are unaware of the contributions older people make. 

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In this website my goal is to provide you with all kinds of ideas for finding employment and starting your own business. This will perhaps get your own ideas flowing. Maybe this will motivate you to take action.

After much thought and research I have recently found my own opportunity in affiliate marketing.  In the beginning I was very skeptical about this approach but have found that it fits nicely with my goals and lifestyle.  I have devoted quite a bit of this site to this great opportunity and to one training program in particular.

Best wishes on your journey!