Is Age Discrimination Real?

Age discriminationWhat is Age Discrimination?

If you are on my website you are likely over 50 and maybe you have asked “Is age discrimination real?”

Yes it is. However, it is difficult for you to prove it.

This website is all about finding employment and business opportunities. So,  I will talk specifically about age discrimination in the workplace.

Age discrimination in the workplace happens when you are the recipient of an adverse employment action because of your age. This includes:

  • Termination
  • Demotion
  • Reduction in Hours
  • Reduction in Responsibilities

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

“Age discrimination in the workplace has always been harder to identify and quantify than race and sex discrimination,” writes Michael Winerip in the New York Times. “Blacks and women have experienced a long history of being underpaid, which researchers can calculate.”

So, why do people, especially in the workplace, discriminate against older people? I suppose it depends on the situation but I think there are consistent reasons.

First of all, our culture (and I am sure many others) obsesses over youth. Conversely, we avoid the representation of older people. After all, people don’t want to think about the aches and pains that might come with age. Further, they view aging as ugly. And, ultimately, it means that you deal with your own mortality.

In the workplace, potential employers are likely to believe that older workers aren’t as flexible or as easy to train. Maybe they think the older job applicant will leave if a better offer comes along. Of course, these reasons are terribly misguided.

Can You Prove Age Discrimination?

According to there are two kinds of age discrimination:

  • Disparate treatment: An employer intentionally treats you differently because of your age.
  • Disparate impact: When a policy (that seemingly appears neutral) has a disproportionately negative impact on older workers.

Federal law says you have a prima facie age discrimination case if you can prove:

  • You are 40 years old or older.
  • You are qualified for the job.
  • Your employer took an adverse employment action.
  • Someone substantially younger replaced you.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of evidence you may use to prove your case. Rarely, do you have direct evidence of discrimination. For example, if your boss demotes you because of your age, then that is direct evidence.

However, few people are this stupid and unaware. Actually, it is more likely that you will cite circumstantial evidence such as a pattern of demoting and firing older workers.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) covers federal age ADEAdiscrimination claims. It is a US labor law that forbids discrimination against anyone 40 years or older. In 1967,  President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill into law. Depending on where you live, state and municipal laws may also apply.

However, with all this in mind, it is still incredibly difficult to prove discrimination. The 2009 Supreme Court Decision, Gross v. FBL Financial Services, Inc. made it even harder.

The court ruled against the plaintiffs who claimed they were targets of age discrimination under the Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

The court held the plaintiffs to a stricter standard of proof than those pursuing claims under other anti-discrimination laws.

Actual Examples of Age Discrimination

Here are a few examples of actual age discrimination:

  • In Fresno, California, Timeless Investments, Inc. was conducting business as the EZ Trip Golden State Convenience and Auto/Truck Plaza. In this particular case, the employer passed over older job applicants  in favor of younger candidates. This case was easy to prove.

The employer instructed older applicants to write their age at the top of the job application. However, they didn’t ask the younger applicants to do the same. Obviously, this employer was not only prejudiced but also stupid.

Subsequently, the older applicants were denied employment. The EEOC took this case. Then they settled a suit against Timeless Investments, Inc.

  • In Hawaii, the EEOC brought suit against Hawaii Healthcare Professionals. Specifically, an employee complained her owner fired her after he  made negative remarks about her age. She accused the him of making remarks such as “looks old” “sounds old on the telephone” and “like a bag of bones.” It is amazing that someone in a position of authority would make such remarks.

They gave a monetary award to the plaintiff. Subsequently, they ordered Hawaii Healthcare Professionals to train all staff regarding age discrimination.

  • The EEOC filed suit against Wal-Mart when an employee complained that a supervisor taunted him because of his age. The company subsequently fired him. EEOC also charged that the employer did not make reasonable accommodations for his disability. Wal-Mart agreed to pay monetary damages. Furthermore, EEOC told Wal-Mart to retrain employees in the area of age discrimination, harassment and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
  • In Sacramento, California, Trinity Protection Services, violated federal law. They favored younger females and dismissed older males for armed security guard positions. This firm dismissed four men, ages 66 – 73 and three women ages 28, 29 and 50. They said it was  because of their scores on an arms requalitification test. They  told the males to wait six months before retaking the test. However, they  asked the females to return earlier. Trinity stated that it brought back the younger women because of a shortage of employees.

But an investigation by EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) found that this was indeed discrimination.

Stop DiscriminationWhat You Can Do About Age Discrimination

Laurie McCann, senior attorney for AARP says that often people who are victims of age discrimination don’t pursue it. They decide they will spend their financial and emotional resources  looking for a new job instead of getting their old one back. However, with a group layoff, there is strength in numbers. People can pool their money and work together.

If you are included in a group layoff or series of layoffs, you may be able to find statistical evidence to support your claim. The Older Worker Benefit Protection Act, requires employers to give employees who are being laid off information that will determine if the layoffs are being targeted to older people.

Furthermore, compiling anecdotal evidence can be helpful.

Lori B. Rassas, the author of Employment Law: A Guide to Hiring, Managing and Firing for Employers and Employees, recommends that you keep a journal as soon as you get any hint that a layoff may be coming. Furthermore she says, “When you’re fired, it’s too late.”

It is hard to win a discrimination case after you have lost your job. However, it is even more difficult to prove you weren’t hired for a job because of your age.

With either of these discrimination claims it is hard for you to prove discrimination. This is  because the proof means showing what’s in the mind of the person who fired you or failed to hire you.

In Conclusion

Is Age discrimination real? As you can see, it is. And, while it is difficult to prove, there are steps you can take.

By the way, here is a business opportunity you can pursue. And, you won’t find a hint of age discrimination. Click here.

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Start a hobby

HobbiesHow to start a hobby

So, now that we’ve talked at length about working and business, let’s take a break and talk about hobbies. Would you like to start a hobby? Have you ever had one? Do you have interests that could be turned into a hobby? Maybe there is something you have always wanted to do but thought you didn’t have the time or the resources for it.

After all, you can’t work all the time.

Anyway, I would like to share with you the hobbies I have acquired in my “old age.” Perhaps one of these will be just right for you or inspire you to start a hobby.

Painting/Drawinggal painting

I started painting a drawing when I was around 50. I am not sure if I have talent or not. However, I can say that this is another one of those very satisfying endeavors in which I become completely absorbed. Also, painting and drawing are very therapeutic. Furthermore, they bring about focus and calm the mind. As a matter of fact, I can literally spend hours on a piece and not be aware of the passage of time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this hobby. Indeed, all that is needed for drawing is pencil and paper and perhaps a physical subject or photographic reference. However, painting can be a different story. For this you will need paints, brushes and painting surfaces such as canvases. The costs for these things can run up pretty fast so look for the good deals.

There are a variety of other low cost mediums available that I use. These include pen & ink, colored pencils and charcoal.


Let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than venturing out into the world to capture great photos. For a period, I was a photo hobbiest and enjoyed it immensely. It very satisfying to rise early in the morning and drive 3 hours to Mt. Rainier for those beautiful sunrise shots or walk around the streets of downtown Seattle to take in the cityscapes.

Obviously, you need a good camera, probably something very portable like an SLR or range finder and of course, a good, sturdy tripod. Unlike in my day, you no longer need the expense of film and film developing because everything is digital.

The one great thing about the cameras of today as opposed to just 20 years ago is that you can see exactly what you are getting in terms of a photo.

Anyway, to show for my efforts I have boxes of color slides and prints that I may someday organize and turn into digital images.

Singer/Songwriterguitar guy

About 10 years ago I took up songwriting and musical performance. I had always played the guitar but had never actually written a song. Furthermore, I didn’t know how to sing and was absolutely terrified at the prospect of playing in front of people. Well, 10 years later, I have probably performed a couple hundred times, written over 100 songs and developed a fairly strong singing voice. I now consider myself a singer/songwriter.

I can tell you that it is a real thrill to be in front of an audience pouring out my heart through my music.

Is this something you would consider? Have you always wanted to sing or play and instrument? Do you think you may have a knack for performing? Maybe you would like to give this a try! There is a comment section below so feel free to ask me any questions you would like about this.

In Closing

I talk about hobbies to emphasize the importance of occupying the mind with non-work related projects. I believe that keeping the mind active through creativity is healthy and a way to bring meaning into your life. Furthermore, I think it is especially important to keep the mind engaged as you age. So, start a hobby!

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Three Unusual business opportunities

Three unusual business opportunities

Here are three types of unusual businesses opportunities that you might consider. Interestingly enough, they all involve animals. If these don’t peak your interest, they might at least get your imagination going for new ideas!

Cat CafésCat Cafe

A cat café is a themed cafe where patrons can interact with cats. Yep, that’s a thing and can certainly be included under the heading of unusual business opportunities. The world’s first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden” started Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. As a result, it became a craze in Japan where the first one was opened in Osaka. From 2005 to 2010, 79 cat cafes opened in Japan

Japan tends to be crowded and many people live in small apartments where pets aren’t allowed. For pet-loving Japanese who seek companionship and stress relief, the cat café is the answer.

Today, many countries boast cat cafés. These include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

There are two ways cat cafés make money. One is to have a cover charge for playing with the cats and provide complimentary refreshments. The other involves a lower cover charge with paid refreshments

Other than the monetary benefits, the purpose of a cat café is to raise awareness of animal issues and pet adoption. As a matter of fact, some cafés are set up for the purpose of adoption.

If you decide to operate a cat café business, here’s what you need:

  • Obviously, a love and respect for cats
  • Ability to operate a cat adoption business
  • Cat interaction area
  • Private area for cats
  • Cat living expenses
  • Veterinary care
  • Ability to run a food service business
  • Purchasing or leasing a space
  • Food and drink service equipment
  • People food and drink
  • Business licensing
  • Health inspection

Is there training for a cat café business?

As a matter of fact, there is. Here are some resources:

How much can I charge customers?

This varies. For example, Crumbs and Whiskers in Washington, D.C. charges $18 to $22 for a 70-minute visit. Meanwhile, Cat Café Madison in Madison, Wisconsin charges $7 for a 60-minute visit. Of course, Washington, D.C. is a very expensive city so operating costs are higher than in Madison. Your charge will likely be based on your operating costs as well.

How can I promote my business?

One of the best ways to promote your new business is by hosting events. These might include lectures on cat-related topics, cat-oriented meet ups and yoga with cats.

You will also need a website.

If you are interested in finding out more contact the Cat Café Embassy at 416-844-0646.

pooping dogPooper Scooper Services

Here’s another in our list of unusual business opportunities. Yes, it’s a growing business because so many households have one or more pets. Furthermore, the people who own them have disposable income (get it?) for this kind of service. And, as much as people love their pets, they just don’t want to pick up their poop (I wonder why?). This business tends to focus on yard pet waste as opposed to public waste (In most places, at least in the US, people are required to pick up the waste of their own pet from public areas).

The pooper scooper business is one of the fastest growing in the pet industry sector. As a matter of fact, the pet waste business has become so large that it has its own professional organization called the Association of Pet Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS).

According to a report by Packaged Facts, sales for pet’s waste products reached 3.5 billion in 2015 and it continues to grow.

There are an estimated 83 million pet dogs and 90 million cats in the US. One pooper scooper business estimated the amount of waste they can produce would fill 5,000 football fields ten feet deep. Visualize that if you will!

What do I need to start a pooper scooper business?

So, you may be asking, “What do I need to start a pooper scooper business?” Fortunately, this business is not expensive to enter. Furthermore, you need minimal equipment. This will include rakes, shovels, bags and the possible rental or purchase of a dumpster. Your greatest expense will likely be your vehicle (unless you already have it). A practical vehicle choice is a pickup or van.

In addition to your equipment, you will need to establish your business as a legal entity like an LLC or sole proprietorship (as you would do for any business). You also need to purchase insurance such as liability as accidents could occur while you are working on someone’s property. Additionally, here is a list of other legal documents:

  • Service contract documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business License and Permit
  • Operating Agreement for LLCs
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Choose a name for your business as well. Here are some examples of actual pooper scooper businesses:

  • Poopless in Seattle
  • In the Line of Dooty
  • Pain in the Grass
  • The Grand Poobah
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • Super Duper Pooper Scoopers
  • Poop, Scoop and Away

Furthermore, you need to advertise. Where and how you do this is up to you and there are many avenues to choose from including online, newspapers, radio and television. You may want a web page as well. Of course, these cost money. However, there are no cost methods such as leaving your business card at pets stores and veterinary offices.

What can I charge?

The average charge is $10-$15 per visit. This doesn’t seem like a lot but when you consider that one poopy yard doesn’t take that long to service, it’s not bad. If you have a tight geographic area you are servicing, you can get to a lot of yards in one day. As a matter of fact, Scoopers can generally cover 4 to 6 yards per hour.

If you are interested in finding out more about this business, contact Association of Pet Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS) at


This is my favorite among unusual business opportunities. I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. Seattle, like many other areas, is overrun with non-native plant species, particularly blackberries and Ivy. Many times I have happened upon a field or parcel full of happy goats munching on blackberry bushes and clearing the place in short order! You may know that blackberries are full of sharp thorns but this doesn’t seem to matter to these hungry ruminants!

People rent goats specifically for clearing an area of unwanted plants and they are great alternatives to pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore, they are less expensive than the rental or purchase of machinery and the manpower necessary to operate it. They can be used to clear new construction lots, yards and to prevent forest fires by removing brush. And, unlike machinery, they are able to work on steep terrain.

Tammy Dunakin, owner of Vashon Island, Washington’s Rent-A-Ruminant, says the demand for goats to help clear vegetation in the Seattle area has grown exponentially since she started her business in 2004.

How many goats do I need?

That all depends on the size of the jobs for which you contract. You will always need at least two because goats are social and it is absolutely essential that they have the company of others. However, to tackle most jobs you will likely need a lot more than two. Consider that goats typically eat 20% of their body weight a day. So, you will have to calculate how many you need based on the amount of vegetation.

Incidentally, the Boer goat can eat up to 8 pounds of foliage a day.

What do I need to start this business?

  • First and foremost – goats. They range from $75 – $300 depending on sex, age and temperament
  • A barn or stable to house your goats as well as enough property for them to roam
  • Veterinary care
  • Food (not for you, for the goats!)
  • Business licensing
  • Goat transportation
  • Insurance

What can I charge?

One source cites $200 a day for a dozen goats.

If you decide to embark on this business you will also need to advertise. However, there is no better advertising than a herd of goats working the field. You can be sure the sheer cuteness of this spectacle will attract a crowd of onlookers so make sure to have your business cards handy!

Additionally, please remember that goats are sentient, intelligent animals and not commodities. You should always exercise the utmost care for these animals.

In Conclusion

These are just a few unusual businesses. I bet if you scour the web, you will find more. Indeed, with a little thought, you may even be able to come up with unusual business opportunities of your own.

Click here to find another opportunity. It is not necessarily one of the unusual business opportunities, but it is a good one!

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How to have a great job interview

A great job interviewinterview

Now that you’re out there looking, you’re probably wondering how to have a great job interview. Even though you may have had dozens of interviews, its good to get back to the basics of interviewing. You are meeting new people with every interview and for this reason you need to prepare for each one. Furthermore, each company will look for something different and you need to be ready for any question.

Also, if you are an older person who hasn’t interviewed in a while, you must consider that things have changed in the business world.

Following are some tips to prepare for the interview so you can showcase yourself and have a great job interview!

microscopeResearch the company where you will interview

Most companies have a website where you can glean a wealth of information prior to your meeting. You will particularly want to know about their products and services. Furthermore, learning their business mission is important. Additionally, when interviewing, it helps to volunteer relevant information you know about the company even though you are not asked.

Find out what the culture of the company is ahead of time if you can find it. That is to say, what is the social atmosphere? Is it casual? What is the dress code? Is management hands-on or are you more independent? Again, information about company culture may be hard to find prior to your interview. However, if you know someone that has worked for the company, make sure to ask them.

Here is one further tip for a great job interview. Try to find out if you will be interviewed by one person or a panel of two or more. The answer to this may have an effect how you prepare.

Practice and prepare

You know the old saying “Practice makes perfect.” Indeed, it applies just as much in an interview as it does anywhere. You can actually think of the interview as a performance. A good performer knows their lines. So, try to anticipate questions that will be asked and how you will answer them. Say your answers out loud since you will be speaking in the interview. These are effective interviewing skill practices.

Don’t do everything at the last minute before you leave for the interview. Specifically, have your resume ready-to-go, your clothing pressed and firm directions.

Also, bring extra copies of your resume as well as references. Always carry a pen and paper to take notes.

Dress for success

outlandish suit
Maybe not quite this much

I believe that it’s better to overdress for an interview than to under dress. That is to say, even if you suspect the office atmosphere may be pretty casual, consider wearing something that makes you look professional. Jacket and tie for the guys. Ladies, you already know what to wear. Make sure everything is pressed and fresh. Additionally, It’s probably best to keep the jewelry and accessories to a minimum.

Be on time

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the building 10- 15 minutes ahead of time. Use GoogleMaps or MapQuest if you don’t know where you’re going. As an extra precaution, you might even drive to the interview location prior to your meeting. You want to have time to check for the suite number and take the elevator, if necessary. Also, you may want to find the restroom to give yourself one last look in the mirror!

Develop a connection/rapport with the interviewer

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with very brief small-talk at the beginning of the interview. For example, you might notice a picture or diploma on the wall and make a short positive comment about it. But, keep it short because you mean business! First impressions count. I believe that sales (and you are selling yourself) is most effective when a rapport or connection is made. Additionally, know the interviewer’s name because people like it when others remember. Perhaps you can even pepper it in there a couple times during the interview.

Stay calm

Yes, this is easier said than done but you can do things to help alleviate nervousness. For example, give yourself some extra time before the interview to deep breathe and meditate. The result of this will be calmer nerves and increased focus. While you are in the interview, listening carefully to the interviewer helps take the focus off yourself. This goes a long way towards calming nerves. Also, the more prepared you are the less nervous you will be.

body languageBe aware of body Language

Are you sitting straight up? How about that smile? Equally important is good eye contact. And, here’s my pet peeve – crossed arms. Indeed, you see people do this all the time while having conversations. The consequence of this is that the interviewer may get the impression that you are defensive. In addition, watch the fidgeting in the chair. Remember, body language says a lot about you!

Show enthusiasm

Give a good firm handshake (no wimpy handshakes please!) and look the interviewer in the eye. Speak confidently and distinctly. When the interviewer says something about the job or the company, convey interest by asking questions. At the same time, always be truthful and authentic. This goes a long way toward a great job interview.

Ask questions

Studies show that an employer judges an applicant’s interest in the job by whether they ask questions. Furthermore, asking questions shows that you have done your homework about the company. Asking questions also indicates you have curiosity and a willingness to learn. Again, pre-interview preparation is essential so you can come with the right questions for a great job interview.

Listendog and can

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that people want to be heard. Even if they are in a position of power. Most of us spend way too much time talking and not enough time listening. Besides, when you listen you learn! If the interviewer makes a statement, sometimes it is useful to paraphrase to let them know you are listening. Always get further clarification if you need it. Also, practice the skill of reading between the lines. Sometimes, what is not said is as important as what is said.

Answer the question asked

Again, this comes from effective listening. When you need to answer, take a moment to do so because you want to avoid the ums and ahs. If you have practiced before the interview, you can make your answers concise and to-the-point without rambling.

Talk about what you have done and what you can do for them

Use specific examples of your experience and how you can apply this to your new position. For example, “I was the project manager for Jones, Inc. and we installed the heating systems in 20 office buildings. This experience can be effectively utilized in the project manager position for which I am applying.” Remember, a company hires you because of what you can bring to the table. When you give strong answers that are relevant to the position, it makes for a great job interview.

Close the deal

As a final point, close the deal. That is to say, make sure to ask about next steps in the hiring process and when you can expect to hear their decision. I would end with something like “I feel I am a good fit for this position and believe I can offer a lot to your company. I look forward to hearing from you.” And make sure to say those two magic words “Thank you!”

Follow up

As a final point, always make sure to send a thank-you note. In it, you might even briefly touch on the conversation points and why you are best for the job. In this day and age, email works fine. However, imagine the interviewer’s surprise if they receive a hand-written thank-you through the mail! In any case, send your thank-you within 24 hours.

In conclusion

Keep these points in mind before, during and after your interview. Remember, if you don’t get the job, it’s not the end-of-the-world. Besides, every interview gives you that much more practice that will propel you to a meaningful career.

However, if you really don’t want to interview but are looking for money-making opportunities, click here.

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Best Job Search Books for the Perfect Career

Here are three best job search books I recommend to help you on the road to your perfect career!

These are the best job search books based on Amazon reviews. All of them are rated especially high and receive 4.7 or more out of 5 stars!


What Color is Your Parachute 2018 EditionWhat color

  • Author: Richard N. Bolles
  • Amazon rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Hardcover: $20.39
  • Paperback: 13.59
  • Kindle: $12.99
  • MP3 CD: $12.04

It has sold more than 10 million copies in 28 countries since 1970. Hence, What Color is Your Parachute still remains one of the most popular and best job search books on the market.

What Color is Your Parachute by was first published decades ago. This book gained popularity because of the trusted guidance of author Richard Bolles. The 2018 edition features up-to-the-minute information and advice for job hunters in today’s challenging job market.

The revised edition features the classic Flower Exercise (I remember doing this decades ago when I graduated from college) as well as updated tips on using social media. Notably, Bolles demystifies the job seeking process and guides the job seeker to their dream job.

Here are comments from people who have purchased this book:

  • There are many books on job finding but this book remains the only one that has a soul. It doesn’t just help with job searching, but with soul-searching.
  • If you would like to change careers this book is a tremendous help. The heart of the book is helping you realize what your dream job would be, and how to go after it.
  • Excellent book for anyone seeking a job or thinking about a new job.
  • I loved this book! Well written with content that makes you realize you find a career only after know who you are internally.
  • This book was an inspiration. What is more, it let me know that it is never too late to seek your dream.



Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of LifeRepurpose 3

  • Author: Marc Miller
  • Amazon rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Paperback: 14.99

Now that your older, do you feel you missed the opportunity for a satisfying career? As a consequence, do you think it’s too late to change? Since you were a young person, the world has changed dramatically by technology and globalization. Not to mention that as an older person you are undoubtedly experiencing your own changes.
Author Marc Miller is a career design expert who guides you in repurposing your old career by using your experience for a new career. Furthermore, he helps you identify what you need for long-term satisfaction in your work life. In addition, he provides advice on knowing yourself, networking, social media and interviewing.

Here are comments from people who have purchased this book:

  • This book is especially important for people who have spent an entire career in one company and are facing a transition due to corporate downsizing.
  • I love how Marc combines excellent advice along with his personal experience. It makes for an easy and entertaining read that provides you with the information you will need.
  • This book is a well researched, easy to read treasure trove of helpful advice for anyone contemplating a career later in life.
  • The encouragement and realistic advice offered in this book makes it a must read for anyone looking to pivot to a new career. I highly recommend this book to everyone who would like to find fulfilling work.

50 Ways to Get a Job: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Work on Your Terms50 Ways

  • Author: Dev Aujla
  • Amazon rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Paperback: $13.50
  • Kindle: $11.99
  • Audio CD: $19.91

This book has been called “a new personalized way to find the perfect job, while staying grounded during the process.”

50 Ways is based on information from over 400,000 people who have used the exercises in this book and reveals the author’s tested method for job seekers at every stage in their career. In addition, it features anecdotes and advice from professionals in many walks of life as well as exercises to help you avoid common pitfalls of the job search.

Indeed, 50 Ways to Get a Job will keep you on-track and motivated so you can land your dream career!

Here are comments from people who have purchased this book:

  • This is the best career book I’ve read in years. It tells you not just why, but how, and makes the career change seem manageable.
  • This is “the one” to read for those seeking a career change and who desire a practical way to understand career goals and achieve them. In an easy and entertaining way, the author breaks the material down into steps with case studies and fun self-assessment tools.
  • The author has a special way of looking at the world with great insight and the ability to cut through the bullshit. This book features exercises that help the reader figure out their core values and motivations in order to reveal themselves.
  • Dev’s book provides practical and fun exercises for examining your career journey from new perspectives.

My Recommendation

As an older person who has had a great deal experience in the job search, I would recommend any of these best job search books. However, I must say that 50 Ways to Get a Job is the one that really stands out as a fun and informative!


Review – Wealthy Affiliate


Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Free to start. Upgrade to premium $49 per month, $359 if you upgrade to yearly (39% savings)

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: #1


Wealthy Affiliate Product Overview

What is the best training on affiliate marketing? While there are many programs out there,  Wealthy Affiliate is the best training you can get according to the vast majority of opinions,.

The owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, started it in 2005 and have built a thorough learning platform that certainly even an absolute beginner can understand and utilize.

The training is step-by-step and it incorporates both video and written text with accompanying tasks to complete, so that you can see your progress.

I was a complete novice with zero technical ability when I started. So, I didn’t know a darn thing about internet marketing  – if I can learn it you can too!

As a new member and especially as a Premium Member, you have access to a virtual ocean of knowledge created by the hard work and insight of Kyle and Carson. You are by all means being trained by the best!

Furthermore, there are lots of add-ons, like access to an absolutely fantastic keyword and niche research tool called Jaaxy.

I researched a plethora of internet marketing programs before making my choice because I wanted to be sure. Although there are many good ones, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Free membership as a starter
  • You save 39% as a premium member with the yearly plan
  • As a starter – 2 free websites
  • Comprehensive training
  • Training modules complete with video and accompanying text
  • Live video training. A lot of these and they are being continuously added live training
  • Website built for you
  • You can choose Over 2,400 website themes
  • You can use WordPress and all its features
  • Access to Jaaxy keyword and niche research
  • Access to a host of plug-ins
  • Regular pep talks from Kyle and other members
  • Excellent support – if you have a problem, it will be solved
  • Private messaging with the owners
  • Opportunity to give and receive site feedback
  • Live chat
  • Spam free

The Bad (but not really):

  • This training is not for those with a get-rich-quick attitude – therefore, you have to work it and do it consistently.

Who is For?

It is certainly for the absolute beginner as I was. It is also for the experienced internet marketer who would like to move to a higher level.


In other words, the formula is a simple 4 step process – thus, there is no need to complicate it!

Tools & Training

If you are eager to learn, you have come to the right place because the superb training covers so much.  It is thorough yet easy to follow. The training is up-to-date and always developing.  First, let’s take a look at the Certification Courses.:

Certification Courses

  1. Getting started
  2. Building you own traffic-producing website
  3. Making money
  4. Mastering social engagement
  5. Achieve maximum success through content creation

WA CertEach of the 5 courses above are broken down into 10 learning modules as shown above for a total of 50 lessons. 

As a result, everything is so easy to access – thus, you just click on the rectangle and get going!

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is just awesome because Kyle and Carson teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself and they pay awesome commissions!

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audience and Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Again, each of these are broken into 10 learning modules for a total of 70 lessons.


The support. Top-notch. Whenever you have a problem just submit your support ticket and literally within minutes you have instructions on fixing the problem or it will already be fixed for you!

In addition, you have a member network of thousands who are willing to lend a hand as well as real-time chat where you can find help. Furthermore, members are continuously writing blogs on just about every online marketing subject under the sun where they will answer your questions.


As stated above:

  • Starter Membership – free
  • Premium Membership – $49 per month. Save 39% when upgrading to yearly ($359)

My Final Opinion of Wealthy Affiliate

If you are seeking online marketing training, look no further than Wealthy Affiliate! In short, it is simply the best out there! As stated before, I looked at many programs and none of them are as awesome as Wealthy Affiliate!


Absolutely legitimate! Get this program! No Credit card needed and it’s free!


You will be contacted with the details!

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Chris Farrell Membership Review


Chris Farrell Membership

Chris fareel

Price: $4.95 first week, $37/month thereafter, or yearly $297 (save 33%) $997 for Mentor Me Program

Owners: Chris Farrell

Overall Quality: 84%

Chris Farrell Membership Product Overview

When you land on the Chris Farrell Membership Introduction page, Chris will pop right up with a short video where he says “I will take you by the hand” and teach you affiliate marketing. He is very pleasant, believable and immediately instilled a feeling of trust for me. Chris Farrell Membership is an introductory program that teaches absolute beginners how to make money online and is one of the most trusted programs for learning affiliate marketing. The program provides the basics in an easy-to-understand presentation so it won’t be complicated for people who are new to the business. Chris Farrell has been doing this for a long time and is very successful and reputable. Once, he was reported (by IM ReportCard) to have the number one internet marketing coaching program.

According to his website, Chris started internet marketing in 2008 without knowing anything about it. Within six months he was having many $250 days. Within 9 months he had his first $1,000 days. In August 2010, He made over $1 million in 24 hours. If you make $1 million is 24 hours please let me know because I want to be your friend!

The Positive & the Negative on Chris Farrell Membership

Positive Points

  • Low cost to enter program
  • Inexpensive compared to other programs
  • Easy website building
  • Decent support
  • Step by step training
  • Can set up email campaign easily
  • Lots of high-quality instructional videos
  • Private coaching
  • Live webinars
  • Good training on writing e books
  • Good training on creating your own products

Negative Points

  • No free trial
  • Some content is outdated
  • Forums not well-organized
  • Hidden fees
  • Some difficulties with navigation
  • Not for seasoned marketers or those who have advanced to a high level
  • Upselling. For example the $997 Mentor Me program is not mentioned up-front
  • Program is not easily canceled and with money back guarantee there may be some difficulty

Who is it For?

The Chris Farrell Membership is for beginners. When I was first looking for affiliate marketing opportunities I knew nothing about online marketing and was an absolute beginner. After Wealthy Affiliate, Chris was my second choice.

Tools & Training

21-day training includes:

  • Article marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Video marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • WordPress training
  • Website building
  • Creating e books
  • Live webinars

Each day of the 21-day training program comes with a detailed video lesson and an outline of essential steps. Additionally there is a written guide with a few other details not mentioned in the video.


Chris actually lists his phone number where members can call and submit questions although some have said the response is not that great. Additionally, there is a member-driven marketing forum designed for this purpose. Although experienced marketers can provide useful information through this, some of the responses come from under-qualified members. In short, there is support that is better than most but not top-notch. For example, you have direct access to Mr. Farrell with the Mentor Me program .

In Conclusion – My Final Opinion

Is Chris Farrell Membership a scam? Definitely not. It is a legitimate and solid business opportunity and receives consistently high ratings by people in the online marketing world. In my opinion it is the second best online marketing course out there. Click here to see number one.

Seal of Approval