Companies who hire older workers

Reject AgeSo, you’re over 50, seeking employment and would like to find companies who hire older workers. As you may have found, it seems harder to find meaningful work when you are older. In fact, the reality is that age discrimination exists. It almost seems baked into our youth-obsessed culture.

The number of seniors aged 65 and older within the working-age population is projected to increase from 19% to 29% by 2060. But new research shows that age discrimination continues to be a problem for older job seekers.

I believe that in many cases, the discrimination is not conscious nor malicious. This is because we are conditioned to focus on the accomplishments of younger folks and dismiss those of older folks.

However, this is not always the case and hopefully the practices of companies who hire older workers can show that.

If you are not already aware of this, you should be. Especially if you have been frustrated in your job search. is a job board and career advise site for people over 50. Here is a quote from Tim Driver, its founder and CEO. “Our mission is to shine a light on companies that are doing the right things, advance the interest of older workers and save job seekers valuable time.”

The site has a feature called Employer Reviews where employees share opinions about the age-friendliness of an employer. In addition, they have a Certified Age Friendly Employer Program (CAFE). This identifies those companies who commit themselves to being the best places to work for people over 50.

Here are some well-known companies and possible positions, who receive a five star rating from

  • AAA Motorclub: roadside technician, claim representative, sales agent, call center representative, life and annuity agent.
  • Apple: signal integrity engineer.
  • Bankers Life: customer relations representative, branch manager, legal specialist, senior underwriter, finance assistant.
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): quality receiving inspector, operations specialist, aircraft maintenance, technician.
  • Goodwill Industries: e-commerce collectibles associate, retail supervisor, photographer, security officer.
  • Habitat for Humanity: specialist US grants manager, expertise center concept development.
  • Hallmark Cards: director of targeting, director of category strategy.
  • Lyft: drivers
  • New York Life: IT operations analyst, quality analyst, senior buyer, senior electrical engineer.
  • Office Depot: software engineer, customer service, technical writer, service manager, inside sales representative.
  • Panera Bread: customer relationship manager, driver, production worker, corporate trainer, restaurant manager.
  • Pet Smart: groundskeeper, warehouse operations, merchandiser, dog-walker, finance services manager.
  • Reynolds: mechanical engineer, senior financial analyst, manufacturing engineer, territory manager.
  • Starbucks: technical writer, barista, management, food and beverage director, new product specialist.
  • Total Wine and More: management positions and retail sales.

Certified Age Friendly Employer ProgramAge Friendly

A job seeker can open a free account at As a result, they get the full list of Certified Age Friendly Employers as mentioned above.

This designation is determined following an in-depth analysis based on interviews with the employer. The employer must show a commitment to employ people over 50 and further investigate complaints about discrimination.

There are 12 categories of best practice standards. And within each are several policies that comprise the framework of the certification.

The certification evaluation process is performed exclusively by the staff of These are highly experienced human resource professionals. The evaluation consists of 6 steps which are application or letter of interest, process review discussion, evaluation questionnaire, program review, related recognition and renewal/recertification.

To find out more go to

Senior Friendly Fortune 500 Companies

Here is a list large companies and the percentage of workers who are 50 and older:

  • American Airlines: 39%
  • Eastman Kodak: 38%
  • Travel Centers of America: 38%
  • Delta Airlines: 37%
  • Weyerhaeuser: 36%
  • Edison International: 36%
  • Northeast Utilities: 36%
  • Smithfield Foods: 35%
  • United Services Automobile Association: 35%

More Top Rated Senior Friendly Companies is another online employee review website that rates companies based on senior friendliness. The ratings are based on what employees and former employees have said about their work experience. So, here are 10 highly rated companies:

  • SafeStreets USA: Headquarters, Kent, Washington. They are one of ADT’s oldest and largest authorized dealers. They sell and install home security systems. Also, they hire for sales representatives and analysts. Reviewers have said that age is celebrated here and age diversity is considered a strength.
  • Adaptive Environmental: Headquarters, Provo Utah. Pest control services. They hire sales representatives, sales managers, branch managers, operations managers. Reviewers state that respect for elders is extremely high. In fact,  people here enjoy learning from older employees.
  • Liberty Tax Service: Headquarters, Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is the third largest tax preparation service in the US. They hire tax preparers, accountants, technical writers. Reviewers say that all employees are appreciated and supported. Further, they recognize that older workers have more knowledge and are a great help to others.
  • Omni Systems: Headquarters, Richmond Heights, Ohio. One of the largest label converters in the US. This company hires for printing press operators and business development sales executives. Reviewers say everyone is welcome  and appreciated because they place value on the years of experience older workers offer. Senior employees often become mentors to younger ones.
  • Franklin International: Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio. This company manufactures and sells adhesives, sealants and polymers for wood products. They hire for industrial engineers, chemists and mixing/blending machine setters. Reviewers say that many people work there until 70. This is because the company offers programs for phased retirement, part-time work and good retirement medical benefits.
  • H&M; Headquarters, New York City. One of the world’s largest fashion companies. They hire for store managers, sales advisors and visual managers. Reviewers say that older workers are treated the same as others.
  • Government Accountability Office (GAO): Headquarters, Washington, D.C. A government agency that provides auditing and investigative services for Congress. They hire management analysts, auditors, training and development managers and market research analysts. This organization places high value on the wisdom an older worker brings.
  • Wegman’s Food Markets: Headquarters, Rochester, New York. A family owned supermarket chain in the Northeast and Virginia. They hire for food preparation workers, cashiers, line cooks and pharmacy technicians. Reviewers say Wegman’s loves to hire older workers.
  • TJX Companies: Headquarters, Framingham, Massachusetts. They are an international fashion and home decor retailer that owns Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They hire for store managers, loss prevention managers and customer service. One reviewer said of older women who work there that “They are amazing ladies and loved by all.”
  • Nike: Headquarters, Beaverton, Oregon. Sporting goods and apparel manufacturer and retailer. They hire for associate merchants, store managers, software engineers and research analysts. Nike works to keep older workers happy and active.

In Conclusion

If you are an older person frustrated with the job search we hope that the information we provide will shed light on the situation and provide a more positive frame of mind. While there is a lot of negative news regarding the job prospects for people over 50, there is also positive news.

If you are looking for a work-from-home opportunity that doesn’t discriminate, click here!


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Where can I find a job? – Top cities 2018

Where can I find a job? Top cities for job opportunities

So, you’re over 50 and you’re ready to reenter the working world or switch careers. And, you might even have the flexibility to move to a different city or state. You’ve probably asked yourself “where can I find a job?”

As you might have guessed, some cities are hot job market cities right now. So, here is a list of a few of them and a little information about each to help you choose your new place to live and work,

1. San Jose, Californiasan jose

Population (Metro): 2 million

Median Home Value: $609,500

Ranking Job Market favorability: 1

Salary ranking: 35

Work-life balance ranking: 3

Job security and advancement ranking: 5

Overall score: 100.0

Other facts about San Jose:

  • It is illegal for grocery stores to use plastic bags.
  • Thought to be California’s oldest settlement (1777).
  • One of the most educated cities in the country.
  • Considered the third safest city in the US.
  • It is illegal for animals to mate in public if they are closer than 1,500 feet to a church, bar or school.
  • Great weather – the sun is out 300 days per year.
  • Most concentrated tech center in the world.
  • The rock band the Doobie Brothers originated in San Jose.

2. San Francisco, CaliforniaSan Francisco

Population (Metro): 4.727 million

Median Home Value: $799,600

Job market favorability ranking: 2

Salary ranking: 34

Work-life balance ranking: 5

Job security and advancement ranking: 6

Overall score: 83.3

Other facts about San Francisco:

  • San Francisco’s cable cars are the only historic landmark that can move.
  • The official instrument of San Francisco is the accordion.
  • It is built on 43 hills.
  • San Francisco Bay is considered the largest land-locked harbor.
  • The original name is Yerba Buena which means good herb or good grass.
  • Filbert Street between Hyde and Leavenworth is the steepest street (31.5 degrees).
  • The bear on the California state flag is modeled after Monarch, the Grizzly who lived in Golden Gate Park.
  • San Francisco ranks 4th for the number of billionaires living in the city after New York, Moscow and London.


3. Boston, Massachusetts

Population (Metro): 4.836 million

Median Home Value: $393,600

Job market favorability ranking: 13

Salary ranking: 16

Work-life balance ranking: 10

Job security and advancement ranking: 13

Overall score: 65.4

Other facts about Boston:

  • The Boston Common has been around since 1634 and is the oldest public park in the country.
  • Revere Beach is the county’s first public beach.
  • Boston built America’s first subway in 1897.
  • Fenway Park which opened in 1912 is the oldest original major league baseball stadium still in use.
  • Boston is home to Harvard – the first college in North America (founded 1636).
  • Over 1/3 of Boston’s population are college students.
  • Christmas was not a legal holiday until 1856.
  • Boston’s nickname is “Beantown.”

San Diego4. San Diego, California

Population (Metro): 3.337 million

Median Home Value: $463,300

Job market favorability ranking: 18

Salary ranking: 46

Work-life balance ranking: 4

Job security and advancement ranking: 2

Overall score: 59.1

Other facts about San Diego:

  • The country’s first drive-in restaurant, Oscar’s was opened in San Diego.
  • Was home to Dr. Seuss.
  • San Diego County is home to the most missions in the country.
  • Fines are issued if you leave your Christmas lights up after February 2.
  • The US Navy is the biggest employer.
  • The San Diego Chargers have never won a Superbowl.
  • San Diego imports 168 million gallons of water per day.
  • San Diego has excellent climate year-round.

LA5. Los Angeles, California

Population (Metro): 13.353 million

Median Home Value: $471,000

Job market favorability ranking: 26

Salary ranking: 47

Work-life balance ranking: 1

Job security and advancement ranking: 3

Overall score: 57.7

Other facts about Los Angeles:

  • Oil was discovered in 1892 near what is now Dodger Stadium.
  • The LA Coroner’s office has a gift shop.
  • Beverly Hills started out as a lima bean ranch.
  • It is illegal to lick a toad in Los Angeles.
  • It is illegal to drive more than 2,000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Los Angeles has more cars than people.
  • LAX is the second busiest airport in the US.
  • Eldred Street in Highland Park is the steepest street in California (Yep, steeper than Filbert Street in San Francisco) with a 33% elevation grade.


6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Population (Metro): 3.6 million

Median Home Value: $205,300

Job market favorability ranking: 3

Salary ranking: 17

Work-life balance ranking: 21

Job security and advancement ranking: 26

Overall score: 55.4

Other facts about Minneapolis:

  • Minneapolis is the nation’s third most literate city (topped by Seattle and Washington DC).
  • It has the highest number of golfers per capita in the nation.
  • The nation’s first armored car was built in Minneapolis.
  • Minneapolis has no sales tax on clothing and accessories.
  • An average of 10,000 cyclists use the bike lanes every day.
  • Recording studio, “Sound 80” created the first digitally released audio recording – The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra performing Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring.
  • There are over 20 lakes within the city limits.
  • Charles Schulz, creator of “Peanuts” was a native.

7. Sacramento, Californiav

Population (Metro): 2.324 million

Median Home Value: $238,500

Job market favorability ranking: 23

Salary ranking: 11

Work-life balance ranking: 11

Job security and advancement ranking: 18

Overall score: 50.6

Other facts about Sacramento:

  • Sacramento has a large underground network of tunnels.
  • It gets really hot in the summer
  • Sacramento processes more almonds than anywhere in the world.
  • It is second, only to Paris, for the number of trees per capita in the world.
  • It is the birthplace of the Pony Express.
  • California had several capitol cities before Sacramento.
  • Sacramento evolved from the California gold rush.
  • It is considered an environmentally friendly city.


8. Miami, Florida

Population (Metro): 6.158 million

Median Home Value: $224,600

Job market favorability ranking: 45

Salary ranking: 48

Work-life balance ranking: 2

Job security and advancement ranking: 1

Overall score: 46.5

Other facts about Miami:

  • Gets its name from the Mayaimi tribe which is native to the area.
  • Miami is the only major US city founded by a woman – Julia Tuttle.
  • Home to one of the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture.
  • Known as the Cruise Capital of the World.
  • Miami has more than 800 parks and is surrounded by Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.
  • The first Burger King opened in Miami in 1954.
  • 22,000 New Yorkers move to Miami every year.
  • It has snowed once in Miami in its recorded history – January 19, 1977.

9. Seattle, WashingtonSeattle

Population: (Metro) 3.867 million

Median Home Value: $452,800

Job market favorability ranking: 6

Salary ranking: 18

Work-life balance ranking: 32

Job security and advancement ranking: 34

Overall score: 43.5

Other facts about Seattle:

  • The Boeing Aircraft Company was founded in Seattle.
  • It is the birthplace of Starbucks coffee (I know one of the founders – Zev Siegl).
  • When the space needle was built in 1962, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.
  • Seattle has the world’s longest floating bridge.
  • Home to the world’s first gas station – opened in 1907.
  • Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the country.
  • More sunglasses are bought per capita than any city in the country.
  • Seattle’s Pier 52 ferry terminal is the busiest in the country.


10. Washington, D.C.

Population: (Metro) 6.216 million

Median Home Value: $475,800

Job market favorability ranking: 20

Salary ranking: 49

Work-life balance ranking: 6

Job security and advancement ranking: 4

Overall score: 42.8

Other facts about Washington DC:

  • Residents drink more wine per capita than any US state.
  • There is an empty crypt beneath the Capitol Building.
  • Three alligators have lived in the White House.
  • Residents of DC could not vote for president until 1961.
  • Was built on a mosquito-infested swamp.
  • Baseball’s seventh inning stretch originated here when President William Howard Taft stood up to stretch his legs and everyone else stood up out of respect.
  • DC averages 39 inches of rain every year – more than Seattle.
  • The Library of Congress is the biggest in the world.


We hope this information is helpful if you are moving to take a new job in one of these cities. It is never to late to start anew!

We love comments so please leave yours below. If you have other facts about any of these cities to share, we would love to hear from you!

Healthy Living Tips for Seniors – the Chris Method

Senior coupleIf you are going to reenter the working world or start your new business, you’ll want to know these healthy living tips for seniors. After all, you’ll be more successful with a fit body and a sharp mind.

So, I’m going to talk about what I personally do to stay healthy at age 65. I will admit, I sometimes fall off the wagon and don’t follow my own advice. No one is perfect. However, if you have a plan, it’s always easier to get going again.

Foods to avoid (or cut back on considerably)Avoid

There’s so much information on diet it’s enough to drive you crazy! And, so much of it is contradictory. However, I have learned what is best for me and you will likely do the same.

  • Meat: I’m a vegetarian but I don’t expect you to become one. This is for the simple reason that meat eating seems to be embedded in our DNA. However, we eat way too much and that’s not healthy. My recommendation is to do whatever you can to reduce your intake of meat. Here’s the good news. There are delicious vegetarian substitutes available. So, keep a close eye out for these brands when visiting your supermarket:
    • Beyond Meat (Their Chicken Strips are especially tasty).
    • Tofurky.
    • Yves – really good cold cuts.
    • MorningStar Farms
    • GardenBurger (many varieties – some especially tasty)
    • Impossible Foods. I haven’t tried their products yet because they are not available here in Seattle. However, I’m very excited to do so. I hear that they have a hamburger patty that even the most ardent carnivore would think is meat!

Seattle is full of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. If you are living in or near a significant urban area, you can probably find them as well.

  • Processed Sugar: There is no doubt about it. We are overdosing on sugar! It seems to be in just about everything. So, why do so many food manufacturers put it in their products. Because, it is cheap and ADDICTING!

As a smart consumer, it is your job to read labels very carefully to make sure there is only a small amount or no sugar at all in the product you’re purchasing. Also, it is good to know that food manufactures are sneaky. Thus, watch for diversions such as “cane juice.” It’s still sugar. Sugar causes all kinds of health problems like diabetes, obesity and cancer.

You may never be able to totally eliminate processed sugar, but you can definitely reduce your intake considerably.

  • Processed Foods: You can find a ton of these in your frozen food aisle. What is so bad about them? They are generally stripped of nutrients and have too many added, unhealthy ingredients. Take a look at the label. Here’s a rule of thumb: The more ingredients listed on the packaging, the more additives there are and thus, the less healthy they are.
  • Empty carbs: This is another thing we eat WAY TOO MUCH OF. You’ll find these in white bread, white rice, donuts, cookie and just about any prepackaged sweet item.
  • Dairy: My advice, eat/drink as little as possible. If you stop and think about it, it’s really weird that humans are the only animal to drink the milk of other animals (no, your cat is actually not supposed to drink milk).

veggies and fruitFoods to Eat

Vegetables: You heard it a million times while you were growing up, “eat your vegetables.” Well, there’s a great deal of wisdom in that statement. Admittedly, it’s hard to get enough. But, you can never eat too much! As far as I know, all veggies are good veggies but I always go for organic. And, as they say, go for the rainbow of colors – green, red, yellow, orange, etc.

My advice is eat as many as you can!

Fruit: Fruit is also a food group you should eat daily but probably not as much as veggies because of the sugar (although not the dreaded processed sugar as mentioned before!) Again, I always go for organic. Also, better to eat the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice. However, if juice is the only thing available, go for it (but don’t overdo it).

Whole grains: Whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa.

Nuts: I eat as much of these as I can get a hold of.

Beans: Again, I eat as much as I can get!

Soy: Not everyone can eat it but for a vegetarian like me, it’s great!

So, if I were to always eat in what I consider a ‘healthy way”, the above would be my diet. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. Perhaps you can tweek things a bit to make it work for you.

Supplements: I don’t know a lot about them but I do recommend Emergen-C vitamin supplement to mix into water. It comes in several flavors and is loaded with vitamins!


To me, alcohol is a tricky subject. Mostly you hear about the benefits of alcohol used in moderation. I belong to this camp. It just so happens that I love beer. However, in my experience, any more than one drink a day can slow you down.

Of course, we all are aware of the disastrous results of drinking too much alcohol.


Here’s another of those tricky ones. You hear about the benefits of caffeine but in my experience you can definitely overdose. I try to keep it to a cup of drip coffer per day or no more than two shots of espresso. I drink it in the morning to give my brain a jumpstart!


I’m a big advocate for both cardio exercise and weight resistance. You can’t deny the benefits of exercises like running, swimming and tennis. They strengthen the heart and lungs. And, as you age, I feel it’s absolutely essential that you engage in some kind of weight training – even with light weights.

The older you get, the more muscle mass you loose and this leads to all kinds of problems like frailty. Weight training helps you maintain that essential muscle mass. But, I don’t believe you need to overdo it unless you are trying to become the senior body-building champion of the world!

dog sleepingSleep

Sleep requirements really seem to vary from person to person. I probably need more than most. Thus, I sleep nine hours a night as a general rule. In any case, sleep is absolutely essential for good health. As you know, getting older often equals more sleep difficulties.

One such problem is sleep apnea where you actually stop breathing and then choke or snort to start again. You should most definitely see a sleep specialist about this. Another is particular on to the male of the species – enlarged prostate. What does this mean for sleep? If you are a man over 50 you may already know that it causes at least one to several trips to the bathroom per night to urinate. And there is nothing that ruins a good sleep like frequent bathroom trips.


Sometimes, you just have to slow the mind down and get centered. Meditation helps with this. If you can find a quiet, calm spot even for a few minutes, sit down and clear the mind.

brain working outBrain Fitness

I like to say “ya gotta keep moving and that means both the body and the mind.” What good is a healthy body if your brain isn’t up to speed? There are so many ways you can keep your brain fit:

  • Reading
  • Puzzles
  • Brain Teasers
  • Trivia
  • Board games
  • – check it out because it has wonderful exercises for the brain.

Personally, I do crossword puzzles, write and perform music (guitar and singing) draw and paint.

In Conclusion

So, these are my healthy living tips for seniors – the Chris method. Remember, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and you want to stay healthy as long as possible.

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Best Work From Home Jobs For Seniors

Want to work from home?Gal sitting in office

You’re retired and perhaps you are looking for ways to make extra income. Or, maybe you don’t need the income but would like to be productive and engaged. However, you don’t want to commute to an office (undoubtedly you have had enough of that). So, you’re thinking about working from home. And, perhaps you are asking “what are the best work from home jobs for seniors?”

The growth of technology has greatly increased the work-from-anywhere opportunities. Furthermore, there are more companies that connect home workers with employers.

As a retiree, you likely have a long record of employment and many unique skills. Also, you have a more developed work ethic and a higher level of education than younger generations. As a result, you are a very good candidate for all kinds of employment.

scamWatch out for the scams

First of all, it can be hard find legitimate work from home jobs. That’s because there are so many scams out there. Of course, these scams have been around for decades – even before the internet. However, the Federal Trade Commission has seen the number of complaints regarding scams double in the past few years.

The two leading red flags that indicate scams are:

  • The promise to earn more than you have ever dreamed. I’m sure you’ve seen them – “Earn $1,000 a day today, no experience necessary.” or “Make $20,000 per month working just a few hours a day!” These are likely get-rich-quick schemes. Furthermore, they are designed to drain your pocketbook, not add to it.
  • You are asked to pay for the privilege of working. Christine Durst, an internet fraud and safety expert says that payment to work is rarely acceptable.

But, hey, you’ve been around the block a few times and know how to recognize a scam when you see one.

How to prepare for working from home (Remote jobs)Prep Key

Assess your skill set: Has it been a while since you’ve worked? If so, you must consider that things are changing rapidly. You may discover that you need to bring your skills up-to-date. Thus, you might need new certification, classes or even a degree.

Make sure you have basic computer skills: Also, you will need a laptop or desktop computer and a fast, reliable internet connection. In addition, there are other tools to learn. For example, you will need to know various collaboration programs like Google docs and other applications inherent in your field.

Conduct a trial run: That is to say, see if at home work is right for you. Set up your home office, learn new programs, study the latest innovations in your chosen industry. Get a feel for working from home before you make the plunge.

Concentrate on your experience and what you bring to the job: No question. Age discrimination exists. However, there is good news. Many employers recognize the value that older workers bring to the table. As an older worker, you take pride in hard work and doing your job well. Also, you have strong communication skills. Furthermore, you are mature and that means you are able to handle the sticky situations because of your experience and poise.

Who are the companies that hire remote workers?Hired

FlexJobs is a company that vets different kinds of flexible job listings which include part-time, telecommuting and freelance. In 2017, it released a list of the top 100 companies that offered the highest number of such jobs. To see that list go to

These kinds of opportunities seem to be increasing. As a matter of fact, the percentage of workers doing all or some of their work at home increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 68% of US workers say they expect to work remotely in the future.

Industries that are most likely to offer remote jobs include computer and information technology, medical, health, finance, government, customer service, education/training and sales.

ideaHere are three ideas for work from home jobs for seniors

Online Juror: Online companies such as eJury, OnlineVerdict and JuryTest pay you to sit on mock juries and give feedback on cases. You sign up for this online and when an attorney needs a juror that matches your demographics you are contacted via email.

An attorney posts a case on a secure website for you to review. You might listen to audio, view video or read material. Then you submit a verdict. Once a minimum number of verdicts has been submitted the case concludes.

The pay usually starts at $10 per case and can go to $100 per case depending on the investment of time. A case can take from 20 minutes to an hour

To be eligible:

    • You must be a US citizen.
    • Be of sound mind and good moral character.
    • Be able to read and write.
    • Have a clean criminal record

Online Tutor: This is a growing area because of the uber-competiveness in college admissions. Subjects in demand include:

    • World History
    • Physics
    • Math
    • English
    • Foreign Language
    • Preparation for standardized tests such as SAT and GED is an online employer that offers one-on-one help to students. The student connects with the appropriate tutor inside a secure classroom. Then, the student and tutor can chat utilizing instant messaging. Also, problems can be drawn on an interactive white board, files shared for review and resources found through web search.

Hours for this job are flexible. Some firms ask that you put in a least five hours per week.

Hourly rates range from $10 – $14 based on experience. Private tutors can earn around $20 per hour with some making as much as $65 per hour

You do not need teacher certification to be eligible. It is your professional experience that opens doors. Generally, you are given an online exam in the subject you wish to teach prior to employment. Also, you must pass a third-party background check.

Virtual Assistant: In this position you provide administrative, technical or creative assistance to your clients. Common modes of communication are email, phone conferences and technology such as Skype and Google Voice.

Clients post details about the types of task they want to fulfill and the maximum rate they will pay, Freelance workers then bid on the job and submit work samples. Video conferences are also set up for interviewing purposes.

For the client, the advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is flexibility because they can contract just for needed services.
Virtual assistants earn anywhere from $10 to $29 per hour. The average in the US is $16.27 per hour.

Typically, five years of experience in areas such as executive assistant, office manager, secretary, legal assistant, Paralegal and information technology is required.
It is estimated that there are between 5,00 and 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide.

In Conclusion

I have listed the above positions as the best work from home jobs because they are more unusual and interesting than the typical “customer service” positions you are likely to hear about.

With the growth in technology it seems that opportunities to work from home will increase. Also, if you live in an urban area, you probably don’t want to deal with the traffic and other hassles of commuting.

Remember, watch out for the scams, assess your skills and experience. Then, get to work!

By the way, click here for another one of our best work from home jobs.

We love comments! Please leave yours below. Feel free to tell us about your own experiences.

Thank you!