Great Part-Time Jobs for Seniors According to AARP

Great part-time jobs for seniors

Let’s talk about some great part-time jobs for seniors! I know, I know, it can be a tough world out there for many people in the 50-plus age category who are seeking full-time and even part-time employment. Even if you’re a seasoned professional with a resume a mile long, you could find it difficult to get your foot in the door because companies like to hire younger workers. Finding companies that higher older workers may involve some searching.  Of course, age discrimination is a whole other topic which I will likely address in a later post. But don’t despair, AARP has your back and has great suggestions for part-time work.

The AARP list of five part-time jobs for seniors

As you know, AARP is the expert on all things senior and here are some of their suggestions.

women at laptopBlogger: Is there something you are passionate about or in which you have expertise? Do you have decent writing skills and a commitment to providing your blog with fresh content? How about computer skills? Like working from home? Then this could be for you.

A successful blog is built around a precise topic or a “niche” in which people have an interest. It’s best that this “niche” is fairly narrow. For example, you may be more successful drawing an audience to your blog with information about the benefits of spirulina, instead of health supplements in general. You also need skills in employing keywords that people will type in when they are seeking information on the subject.

Some ways you generate income as a blogger is from selling products directly on your blog, advertising and affiliate marketing. I have another post all about the subject of affiliate marketing here.

You are working for your self as a blogger so it takes passion, dedication and discipline.

Athletic Coach/Umpire/Referee:

For this one you probably need to have at least some degree of physical fitness and stamina as there may be plenty of standing and even some stress (like parents yelling at you if they don’t like your call). Since you are probably going to work with kids, you will need to have some rapport with them. You need knowledge of the game and may need additional training and licensing.

There are opportunities at schools, youth programs and amateur leagues. Working hours can vary widely according to the sport and organization.

The pay isn’t great but then you are doing it for the fun and because your wife thinks you need to get out of the house more, right? Maybe $3,000 to $5,000 per season for a coach at a school  and $30 – $75 per game for an umpire or referee.

Woman teacherTeacher’s Aide: Here’s another one where it really helps to have an affinity for kids. Other qualifications might include patience and nerves-of-steel. Be prepared to undertake some clerical duties like grading papers, recording grades, setting up equipment and computer entry. You may also have to supervise the little ones in the cafeteria, schoolyard, hallways and on field trips. One of the best aspects of this job is one-on-one tutoring with a student who needs special help. If you like bonding with kids, this can be very rewarding!

You may work three to five days per week and six to seven hours per day during the traditional school year.

To qualify, you will need on-the-job training combined with a high school diploma. A college degree is better, as well as coursework in child development and previous experience helping special education students. Multitasking is a good skill to have. Depending on where you live (especially in the US) a second language, particularly Spanish, is highly desirable.

Teacher aide pay isn’t high but you’re likely doing it because you love the kids! Median full-time pay is $23,640 per year.

tour guide

Tour Guide: Do you have a knack for story-telling and performance? Do you like really getting into the history of a town or city and learning all about it? Do you like to impart your knowledge entertainingly onto a captive audience? A tour guide is one of AARP’s great part-time jobs for seniors.

I’m sure you’ve seen them as the tour bus drives by – they are the ones on the microphone pointing at various interesting landmarks and businesses. Or you may have noticed a big crowd of people on the street following a loud talking person. Well, that person is a tour guide. Could that be you? Looks like a lot of fun to me!

In this job you will lead tourists through points of local interest. For example, in Seattle where I live, you will see tour guides showing people around our Pioneer Square area or at the Pike Street Market. You will also see them in our “Ride the Duck” amphibious vehicle talking over the microphone while pointing out interesting businesses and landmarks as it zips down the street or through the water.

For this job you will need stamina as it could involve standing and/or walking for long periods. You may also need to drive a vehicle. Special licensing might be required. Also, a sharp eye is necessary to monitor guests and to ensure compliance with safety and security.

The hours are going to vary and might include days, evenings, weekends and holidays. Pay is $8.22 $18.05 per hour

To qualify, you often receive on-the-job training. Academic background requirements will vary. Certified Tour Professional (CTP) certification is offered through the National Tour Association.

Hourly pay range is $8.22 to $18.05.

Convention Center: When you think about a convention center you visualize everything from huge business-related shindigs to boat shows. These can be sources for a wide-range of part-time jobs that require a wide range of skills. These jobs include parking lot attendant, cashier, set up and break down, janitorial, information attendant and usher.
Also, keep on the lookout for food service jobs at banquets and special dining events as convention centers often hire line cooks, servers and baristas.

As far as qualifications go, this is all about customer service and working well with the public. It doesn’t hurt to have experience in food service and the different facets of the convention industry. A pre-employment drug screen may be involved and background checks are common.

Many convention centers will outsource the hiring and personnel management to firms that specialize in doing this so you might contact them. Another way to find out about positions is to stop by an event and ask about future openings

The pay varies greatly here – $7.25 – $20 per hour.
Go to to get more ideas!

Check out the book entitled “How to Get a Good Job After 50: A step-by-step guide to job search success.”


As you know, AARP is a wonderful source for people over 50. Hopefully, these great part-time jobs for seniors will start you thinking creatively about your search.

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